Celebrating Love, Kids, Teeth…and much more

This is my lil one with no teeth. Dental health starts before your child’s first tooth. We LOVE Gummy Smiles! #wipethetongue #wipethosegums                                                    -Triangle Kids Pediatric Dentistry

February is a very special month for me.  It is the month both my daughters were born and the month we are reminded to simply Love.  It is the month I lost my brother, who continues to inspire me to laugh and have fun in all that I do.  And to bring it full circle, it is the month to celebrate what I love about my work everyday.  February is National Children’s Dental Health.  This month I would like to do something special.  Triangle Kids Pediatric Dentistry will share interesting dental tips and award gift cards for some of the local businesses our parents and children so love.  To get yourself entered, all you have to do is comment, share, or tag other local parents who might be interested.  And check back throughout the month.  We’ll have lots of give-aways!

By participating, you won’t just enter to win, you’ll be part of building awareness about the importance of oral health during Children’s Dental Health Month.

Thank you for your support in our efforts,

– Dr Jenny Citineni